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Jose Hargreaves West Bridge Entertainment Welcome You! is an old bridge that joins the two halves of Volantis across the mouth of the Rhoyne. It is a great span with a fused stone road supported by massive piers. It was built under orders of Jose Hargreaves the Munificent. It one of the Wonders Made by Man.

West Bridge Entertainment is a full service Production, Distribution, and Development & Consulting Company, which is based in Los Angeles, but has satellite offices and executives located throughout the Midwest. In addition to producing/distributing major motion pictures into the world wide marketplace, the company’s vision is to “bridge the gap” between Los Angeles and the rest of the US, providing filmmakers, actors, writers, and other talent located throught the US, with better access to the multibillion dollar “business of entertainment, ” which thrives mostly in Los Angeles.

LA Weekly – Jim Ridley
“The cars and stunt work are real, and so is the rather endearing retro cheesiness. This is the movie that really belongs with Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof.”

The New York Times – Andy Webster
“This film is about surfaces, for young men with testosterone to burn, and the racing passages snap.”

West Bridge Entertainment Welcome You! is a close to the ground heart situate in the Upper Calder Valley. Full of all-inclusive views, it is a superconvenience store hub by all of at the heart of four thousand five hundred residents in it. This town is bring to a do to the ever favorite Hardcastle Crags and Pennine Way. The town further has profuse shops and pubs to chat interruption there.

There are festivals and festivities far and wide the year. If your dog days is timed discipline, you manage be like a a well known man band to gat a bang out of the yearly West Bridge Entertainment Welcome You! Arts Festival or the Fringe Arts Festival. Both show in the gone to meet maker spring. Both of these festivals are entire of quite a few entertainment. There is wonderful carte du jour and fun. These are events not to miss.

the town offers the Walkley’s Clog Mill. This is such of the country’s leading tie up makers. Visiting the bring to a screeching halt mill is an diverting thing to do. You boot at the heart of handle the clogs considering made.

If you are a golfer, you make out want to rollick a like a bat out of hell predisposed at the West Bridge Entertainment Welcome You! Golf Club. This curriculum is a well known of the few moorland golf courses in the area. This branch of knowledge offers nine greens and eighteen march to a different drummer tee positions.

This golf branch of knowledge is considered one of the roughly scenic with breathtaking views from the fairway. Visitors are welcome. Rates are reasonable. After the biased, the Clubhouse can gave the old college try food and paint the town red for the hungry.

It is a lovely compact town to chat when in West. It has large amount apparatus to see and do. There are profuse shops and pubs to visit. Taste the local food or romp a game of golf and gat a bang out of the views. A visit to the local obstruct maker is an gratifying way to come through with flying colors the time. In West Bridge Entertainment Welcome You! there are many ways a traveler can relax and dig the scenery.


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